Despite the travel limitations and restrictions brought by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-Asa (BP2) program, implemented in part by the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s (DSWD) Kalahi-CIDSS program, continues to fulfill its mandate of boosting countryside development by assisting eligible families in returning to their home province.

On April 10, 2022, La Libertad Kalahi NPMO along with RPMO staff conducted BP2 Orientation, validation, and assessment at the Municipal Government center Conference room.

In relocating families back to their home provinces, the BP2 program does not only seek the decongestion of Metro Manila. The program also intends to balance and promote regional development by ensuring that relocated families are given better livelihood opportunities and adequate social services.

These families will be assisted to start anew in their province amidst the health and economic crisis through the provision of different interventions or packages that would enable them to have enough resources to thrive during the transition period of their relocation under the Program.

These interventions include assistance in starting a business or other livelihood source that they are interested in and feasible in their area. Further, they will be provided with continued support from the social and other development assistance from Local Government Units and National Government Agencies to ensure the success of their ventures.

They are also enjoined to participate in the community grants and projects provided and implemented by the BP2 program in their respective communities and provinces to secure their inclusion in the development of their community and improve their access to various resources and services and opportunities.


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