HOTLINE: 0930 – 879 – 6079

LDRRM – Designate: Jack B. Lood, REA


  1. Formulate and implement a comprehensive and integrated LDRRMP in accordance with the national, regional and provincial framework, and policies on disaster risk reduction in close coordination with the local development councils.(LDCs)
  2. Prepare and submit to the Sangguniang Bayan of La Libertad through the LDRRMC and the LDC the annual LDRRMO Plan and Budget, the proposed programming of the LDRRMF, other dedicated disaster risk reduction and management resources, and other regular funding source/s and budgetary support of the LDRRMO/BDRRMC.
  3. Develop, strengthen and operationalize mechanisms for partnership or networking with the private sector, CSOs and volunteer groups.
  4. Serve as the secretariat and executive arm of the LDRRMC;
  5. Recommend through the LDRRMC the enactment of local ordinances consistent with the requirements of R.A 10121.
  6. Implement policies, approved plans and programs of the LDRRMC consistent with the policies and guidelines laid down in R.A 10121.
  7. Prepare and submit, through the LDRMC and the LDC, the report on the utilization of the LDRRMF and other dedicated disaster risk reduction and management resources to the local Commission on Audit(COA) , copy furnished the Regional Director of the Office of Civil Defense and the Local Government Operations Officer of the DILG.
  8. Establish a Municipal/Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction and Managements Operations Center;
  9. Design program and coordinate risk reduction and management activities consistent with the National Council’s standards and guidelines.
  10. Give early warning to the most vulnerable sector ( women, children, senior citizens, and PWD) to respond to their needs;
  11. Respond to and manage the adverse effects of emergency and carry out recovery activities to the most vulnerable areas especially to the vulnerable sectors(women, children, senior citizens, and PWDs)
  12. Perform other duties and functions as may be provided for by laws or ordinances.